To be a consulting led organisation, delivering seamlessly integrated leading edge technologies, enabling our client’s business to succeed.


Universal Technology Services Pty Ltd was formed in the year 2016. The company originally commenced operation as a Teletrac Navman distributor. Within a short space of time UTS changed course from being a single Technology provider to be a provider of many technologies to diverse industries.

Customer demand generation lead the company to be well equipped to provide diverse technologies to many industry sectors. We also understood the need to be well equipped to deliver leading levels of performance efficiently in both solution and economic terms.



Senani Gunasekera is a relentless, passionate Senior Executive and business leader, with a unique love for driving sales management success through innovative thought processes. Senani currently sits on the Advisory Boards of start-ups and is the Chair of Leading-Edge Technology Services Pty Ltd and Universal Technology Services Pty Ltd. At present performs the role as Director Business Strategy.

Senani has led the sales divisions of multiple companies in transforming the sales approach and methodology in a variety of ownership environments including publicly traded environments to private equity organisation.

Repeated success in building sales teams that thrive on a savage commitment to placing the customer at the forefront of everything we do. This is backed by strong disciplines around foundations of operational rigor, financial acumen, and continued optimisation of overall performance.

Senani spent 22 years working for Telstra as a General Manager in the Enterprise and Government sector and continues his passion of assisting organisations optimise and improve profitability.

As a leader on a more personal note:

“I have a passion for building and leading teams that are driven by the power found at the intersection of Sales & Marketing combined with innovation and out of the box thinking. Enjoy working with staff who are willing to serve customers selflessly, every day. Communicators capable of combining powerful stories that transform business to meeting world class standards unlocking new growth.”


Bill Tsui has over 20 years' experience engaging Business to Business clients from small to medium enterprise (SME) through to large enterprise and government working in various roles in account and service management, and business consulting. Prior to this, Bill held a number of technology specific roles in network project management, technical specialist, and operations manager. Bill is passionate about adopting user centric design, technology, and out of box thinking to drive valued outcomes in your business, specialising in business process optimisation.


Andy Von Bergner specialises in helping small and medium size business access corporate solutions since 2013. Using a consultative approach he examines existing requirements and recommends ways that will save time, money and hassle. From a simple single solution to a fully integrated multi-job or asset management system where yo u can book and track your jobs, running your business successfully has never been easier. His aim is to provide exceptional customer service by finding the best solutions for your specific business needs.


Noel D’Souza is highly experienced Client Executive, having worked across the Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics, Not-for-Profit and Government sectors in Telstra, for over 24 years. With a background in Satellite Systems Engineering and Sales, followed by several years in Technical Consultancy, Noel also spent several years working overseas, first with Telstra and then with Logica plc. Noel’s strengths include customer and stakeholder relationship management, customer advocacy, team leadership, contract negotiation and delivery; all leading to consistently high customer satisfaction.


Universal Technology Services continually updates its suite of solutions to meet the changing demands of its clients.


UBusiness today are looking to telematics to help them make proactive decisions on their mechanical asset replacing labour intensive and reactive monitoring methodologies.

Teletrac Navman

Universal Technology Services is a Teletrac Navman Gold Partner.

Teletrac Navman has been developing technology that helps customers lower operating cost and improve the management of fleets for more than 25 years through GPS tracking and in-cabin solutions allow drivers to stay compliant. Organisations using Teletrac Navman can track all activity from safety violations, fuel usage, maintenance schedules, rest breaks to Fuel Tax Credit eligibility.

Universal Technology Services customers include Local Government, Courier, Transport and Construction companies. UTS is also the single Technology partner to Road Freight NSW.


Wireless network coverage is vital for precinct or modern workplace environment enabling user to seamlessly content to their cloud services and internet via their portable devices. Our solution is designed to boost Wi-Fi and carrier agnostic mobile coverage tailored to your building and business requirements.


Cellular Repeaters

Providing indoor and outdoor mobile coverage solutions including residential, commercial, recreational vehicles and transportation.


Wi-Fi & Microwave

Building commercial Wi-Fi networks for indoor and outdoor applications. Increasing Wi-Fi coverage and providing long range point to point links.



We offer a range of antennas for enhancing mobile or Wi-Fi signal. Our product range encompasses antennas for vehicles, buildings, boats and many other applications along with masts and accessories.


Optimising business processes within an organisation is paramount to stay ahead of your competition by drive down the cost to serve, reducing duplication and human error, and increasing the productivity of your business.

UTS-Asset Management

UTS Asset Management platform enables clients to have an integrated solution to manage their assets, field staff, job dispatch, and proof of completion. The agile platform will integrate with scanners, High Speed Bar Code readers, SAP / Oracle and other financial applications.

Teletrac Navman has been developing technology that helps customers lower operating cost and improve the management of fleets for more than 25 years through GPS tracking and in-cabin solutions allow drivers to stay compliant. Organisations using Teletrac Navman can track all activity from safety violations, fuel usage, maintenance schedules, rest breaks to Fuel Tax Credit eligibility.

UTS Digital Forms

Document digitisation and process / compliance

Automated forms integrated with end device

Self development platform or managed development platform options


UTS can work with your business to provide process and efficiency consultation, with the various stakeholders in the business. This is a non-aligned practice that look across multiple vendors and solutions, to bring the best outcome through our partner community.

We will assist you to recommend and adopt scalable solutions to affect business transformation where appropriate.


- Be a independent advisor for your technology needs.

- Be a trusted advisor on business consulting to improve your business.

- Form strategic partnerships that bring distinct and definable value to you.

- Engagement using Design Thinking methodology to leverage collective intelligence of your organisations.


We have strong strategic partnerships with key players in the telecommunication and technology industry through our affiliation with Leading Edge Technology Services. These partnerships have placed us in a unique position to augment and enhance the services to our customers by providing a rich experience in the journey to transitioning towards a digitally enabled future.