Iridium Remote Satellite Terminal RST100 9505A

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Terminal Features

Supports standard phone equipment
Connect to PABX
Compact intelligent handset
Uses intelligent handset
SMS / SMSMO from terminal
Supports SMS over POTS
SSAS compatible
Tracking & Monitoring Capable
Intelligent Processor & Interface
Phone Number Processing
Line Reversal for Pay phone use
Auto-dial & Speed Dial options
Secure SIM Card Enclosure
Local and Remote Configuration
External Ringer available
Supports Back up Battery
Incorporates Call Logging
Fully Certified corrosion / vibration
Easy to install
Network Service Features

Low cost airtime rates
No regions or zones
Crew calling service
Pre or post paid
Itemised billing
Support all data services
Support all voice services
Support Iridium Fax terminal

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91 Iridium Remote Satellite Terminal RST100 9505A
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